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Maureen Garvie has published three books for young readers: a mystery (Lake Rules), a fantasy (Amy by Any Other Name), and a historical tale, with Mary Beaty (George Johnson's War).

Lake Rules
Amy by Any Other Name
George Johnson's War

What's "Amy" in Italian?

Catia Argirò, a 24-year-old young woman from Italy, writes:

I graduated in Literary Translation at the University of Pisa last May and for my final thesis, I focused on young adult literature. I chose your Amy by Any Other Name as a work to be translated into Italian.

I translated the whole work, even if I put only some chapters in my thesis in order to get my Master's degree. I also did a linguistic analysis of the difficulties I found during the translating process.

Now, having finished my studies at university, I would like to propose the Italian translation of Amy by Any Other Name to some Italian publishing houses.

I really appreciated reading and translating Amy by Any Other Name. I think it's a nice story not only for young readers but also for those people who enjoy reading fantasy novels, like me.

Maureen Garvie, author

Me three years ago,
in Scotland
I was born in Kingston, Ontario, and grew up beside the St. Lawrence. As a kid I swam with my brothers on the wrecks of ships from the War of 1812 and in university I worked in the summers at the reconstructed British Fort Henry.

Even as a kid I wanted to write books. (My friend Johanne and I wrote the first version of Lake Rules during French class in Grade 10.) I got distracted from writing for a while, though. I finally finished my education with a masters, teaching, and library degrees and moved to New Zealand with my new husband. For 12 years I worked on farms and in libraries, taught English and drama, and had a great life. My daughter, Leila, was born there.

In 1983 we moved back to Kingston, where I worked as book reviews editor for the Kingston Whig-Standard newspaper. I've taught writing at Queen's University and I am a copy-editor with McGill-Queen's University Press.

A Literary Mystery

Withdrawn from Circulation. Kingston, ON: Cowdy House

Books for kids and young adults

George Johnson's War, with Mary Beaty. Toronto: Groundwood
Lake Rules. Toronto: Key Porter
Amy by Any Other Name. Toronto: Key Porter/Kingston: Minerva

In progress
The Taxidermy Journals
Girl, 13, Living in School