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Woodpecker Lane in Kingston, Ontario, is a small local press
dedicated to publishing fine books by emerging Kingston writers.
Maureen Garvie is the publisher.


MYOPIA: Growing Up White in Apartheid South Africa

Malcolm Gibson

Malcolm Gibson grew up as a privileged white Anglo South African kid, not questioning the basis on which his advantaged position was founded – like most South African whites, who couldn't or wouldn't see the inequities of their position, nor the growing threat to it. This myopia mirrored Malcolm’s near-sightedness caused by congenital cataracts in his early years.

While these issues form the backbone of this story, it is also an account, often a very funny one, of a boy growing into manhood in a beautiful country. Trying to compensate for his early inadequacies and poor self-image, young Malcolm created a Walter Mitty-like world of fantasy, followed by a phase as rebel that did little more than irritate those close to him. Later he anaesthetized his growing feelings of guilt and unease about the political situation by embracing alcohol, partying, and a series of passionate affairs with beautiful young women – a lifestyle that more than once brought him close to disaster.

As he matured, his concerns about life in South Africa grew. Though white, he identified with the aspirations of blacks. Where would he stand in the inevitable racial clash he saw looming? This dilemma grew into an obsession he believed could only be resolved by escaping from it.

Malcolm Gibson, CPA CA, was born in South Africa and as a young man left for England and then Canada. As general manager of the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), he moved with its head office from Toronto to Kingston, Ontario, in 1980. Now retired, he spends summers with his companion, Kate Roeder, at their lake cottage.

$15  paper/ ISBN 978-0-9940172-2-2

Available from Woodpecker Lane Press, 3 Woodpecker Lane, Kingston, ON, K7K5E2, garviem@queensu.ca,or through Amazon (also available as a kindle ebook).



Grier Owen


See the new moon rise through the eyes of a cat. Hear what the wind whispers to horses' ears. Smell the dew through the nose of a dog. The magic is down upon the earth, and a colt is born. Louis the cat, only slightly less enchanted than all the other animals, soon he takes young Moonshadow under his protection. Louis assumes this story is about him – obviously, because he is in it. The other animals are not so sure. You decide who has the best adventures.

Grier Owen is a writer who lives and rides in Kingston, Ontario.


$15  paper/ ISBN  978-0-99 0172-1-5
. Available from Woodpecker Lane Press, 3 Woodpecker Lane, Kingston, ON, K7K5E2, garviem@queensu.ca