Jewel comes from a family with secrets. Even when her older sister vanishes, they don't tell anyone, especially not the police. It's really hard for Jewel to sit in school every day next to kids like Maya and Lily, kids who have happy, normal lives, and to pretend she's just like them.

When things get really bad at home, Jewel doesn't ask for help. She does what her sister did: she disappears. Only, how do you do that when you're only 13? Jewel is very good at being invisible, but not quite good enough. When Maya and Lily start suspecting she's living in the school, the last of Jewel's luck seems to be running out. Will they tell? 

Almost Invisible does what the best YA books do: creates a sense of a world apart from the clueless, and at times cruel, grown-up one that must eventually be joined but not quite yet . . .”      (Quill & Quire)

Almost Invisible
Maureen Garvie
Groundwood Books / House of Anansi Press Toronto
ISBN 978-1-77306-0781